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DIY Paint by numbers, acrylic painting kit for adults and children.  A great project for all ages and a great opportunity to spend time with your children.  

Package Includes:

*1 piece pre-numbered textured art canvas (no frame)
*1 set of acrylic numbered paints
*1 set of brushes (include 3 artist brushes)
*1 set of hanging hardware

The Paint:

*Healthy acrylic pigments, high color reproduction, bright colors.
*Paint can be directly used, no need to thin with water.
*Paint coverage is strong, if you make a mistake with a wrong number the color can be painted over after drying.
*There is enough of each color to cover the canvas, if a color gets low or too much has been used, thin with a couple drops of water.
*The paint numbers corresponds to the numbers on the canvas, and the unmarked pigments correspond to the shaded parts of the canvas.

The Brushes:

*Easy to clean.
*Wash the brush completely when you change to another color.
*For the large part use the larger brush, and for the small part use the smaller brush.

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