Straight Pop Up Backdrops

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With all the commotion and crowds at industry events, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Stand out at shows and exhibitions with a customized pop-up display. Larger than most posters or banners, these high-res, high-quality products give your whole area a look that’s both memorable and professional. They’re free-standing, lightweight and durable enough to use over and over. 

One of the many benefits of our pop-up displays is the easy setup..

Step 1: Lay your pop-up frame on the floor and stretch out each corner. Make sure the hook and loop fasteners are facing up. 
Step 2: Lock the clips into place. 
Step 3: Attach the fabric to the white fastener strip. We recommend starting from one corner and working your way clockwise around the popup. 
Step 4: Raise the pop-up and put it into place.

Choose between a Wrinkle-Free Soft Knit fabric or a Wrinkle-Free Black Back Fabric for your high resolution dye sublimation print.

Measurements for 3 m x 3 m display
• Constructed dimensions: 89" x 89" x 12" 
• Weight of frame: 16.5 lbs
• Weight of frame, fabric and case: 30 lbs

Measurements for 4 m x 3 m display
• Constructed dimensions: 117" x 89" x 12"
• Weight of frame: 23 lbs
• Weight of frame, fabric and case: 39 lbs

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